Lambing Flat Folk Museum (Young, NSW)

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Chevrolet Tour

The Annual 4 cylinder Chevrolet Tour chose Young as their destination this year, and while in Young paid a visit to the Lambing Flat Folk Museum. The models range from 1914 to 1928 and came from all over Australia.

Neil and Julie Neilsen

Neil and Julie Neilsen are from the Central Coast and came to Young to investigate the history of Neil Neilsen, Neil’s ancestor, who was an early undertaker at Lambing Flat during the gold rush. Grateful for the information supplied and the attention given, Neil being a retired Cartographer, offered to repair and help preserve our maps. Neil and Julie arrived on the 22nd April 2014, and worked on our maps for over a week. We are certainly indebted to them for their work.This photo shows Neil and Julie hard at work assisted by Museum Volunteer, Helen Forde.

Karen Schamberger

In early April 2014 Karen Schamberger, Student Researcher from Deakin University, interviewed the committee and volunteers at the Museum in relation to a research project - Objects as Mediators: Collecting cultural diversity in public and culturally specific museums. Everyone who participated found Karen a skilled interviewer and enjoyed the process.

Visiting Chinese Lecturers and Professors

Some of the group of Chinese University Professors and Lecturers, who are on a three month study tour at A.N.U. Canberra, during their visit to the Lambing Flat Museum at Young on 14 Nov 2013.

Ronald McDonald House in the Hunter

The new car park at the Lambing Flat Museum is being put to good use by visiting Tourist Groups. This was a group of 45 visitors to the museum from the Hunter Valley. This group organise trips for their own enjoyment as well as a means to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House in the Hunter. They used Young as their base and made trips to Junee's Monte Cristo and to Iandra Castle. While at Young they visited all the local tourist attractions as well as the Chinese Tribute Gardens.

  • Karen Schamberger
    Karen Schamberger
  • Helen Forde with the Neilsens
    Helen Forde with the Neilsens
  • Chinese visitors
    Chinese visitors
  • Visitors from the Hunter Valley
    Visitors from the Hunter Valley
Karen Schamberger
Karen Schamberger