Lambing Flat Folk Museum (Young, NSW)

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Frank Gardiner

Frank Gardiner, notorious bushranger and organizer of the famous Gold Escort Robbery at Eugowra, was at one time a resident of Lambing Flat (Young) and partner in a butcher shop with William Fogg. Fogg was the butcher and Gardiner the stock buyer, obtaining most of his stock by duffing them from the local squatters. After the escort robbery he and his lover Kitty Brown (nee Catherine Walsh) decided to escape to Queensland. They conducted a store at Apis Creek for some time but he was eventually recognised and imprisoned. The binding and inscription on this book was executed by Gardiner whilst he was in goal on Cockatoo Island. Catherine was later employed by David Hawkins of "Wollongough" as a housekeeper. When she left, this book was found in her apartment, and had been in the possession of the late Mr. Hawkins' family until donated to the museum at Young.
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