Lambing Flat Folk Museum (Young, NSW)

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Vogt Winepress

The Vogt Wine Press In 1853, Joseph and Caroline Vogt were German assisted immigrants who came to NSW, where Joseph undertook vine dressing for Sir Charles Cowper of ?Wivenhoe?, near Camden. Joseph, his wife and two young children stayed with Sir Charles Cowper for two years. After this, Joseph purchased land at Mandemar, near Berrima, where he set up his own grape growing and wine making. Amongst his clientele were the early Joadja Creek miners as they tracked between the Joadja creek shale mine and Berrima township. Joseph and Caroline went on to have nine more children. One of these children was William Thomas Vogt, who settled at Young. William set about growing grapes and producing wine from his property on the corner of Lovell and Zouch Streets. A wine press used by William to make wine at Young was made by William's father at Mandemar and brought to Young in the early days. The stain of grapes can be still seen in the well preserved timber. Furniture making and undertaking William went on to raise nine children and lived a varied life style. Furniture-making and carpentry was carried out on the property, and at a later date a mortuary was erected to conduct the business of undertaker. The two-storied house was eventually moved to make way for a motel and shops. It has been restored on a property on the outskirts of Young. Early Vineyards and Wine Makers One of the earliest to grow grapes and make wine was Nicholas Jasprizza. In 1876 he was the only wine grower of any note at the time. Previously Michael Schmidt, the proprietor of the old Empire Hotel, had a small vineyard where the Railway Goods Shed stood in Lovell Street, and made wine. Dr. Temple had a small vineyard on a rise on the east of the town, and also made wine. Wine making on the Grenfell Road John Baker opened his Pastoral Hotel on the Grenfell Road in 1878 and maintained his license for a number of years. It was situated on the west side of the Grenfell Road almost opposite Jerrybang lane. There was a good sized vineyard established on the site and the Bakers made wine. Baldo Cunich was reported to have purchased a lot of his wine there, and a lot of wine was sold to travellers. Wine Makers of Today In modern times, Young is the centre of the well known Hilltops Cool Climate Wine region. There are numerous vineyards and wine makers in the region who produce excellent award winning wines.
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